Free PCB unlocking students creativity

With over 10 years of PCB prototype experience, JLCPCB products are used across all industries.
To give back society, JLCPCB also committed to inspiring students' creativity and developing new ideas by giving them free PCB sponsorship.
42 groups of students applied soponsorship in 2019, 978 students cost $0 on PCB.

A PCB sponsor

As a PCB supplier, of course, JLCPCB supply PCBs for students for free. It gives resource assistance to students while they improve the projects and to aid them to improve the practical knowledge essential for electrical and electronic projects so that their creativity becomes a real project by brain and hand.

A learning platform

As a learning platform, JLCPCB maintains close contact with students. The compagny look for electronic creators that meet their learning goals to help the growth of project capabilities.
By June 2020, over 500 electronic makers have cooperated with JLCPCB for exemple the famous EE creators: Great Scott, Lady Ada, EEVBLOG... Their project article, project course, project video which are created with JLCPCB can be searched online anytime. In those kinds of ways, students can create personalized learning environments.

A tech advisor

JLCPCB's innovative tools Easy EDA and its practical PCB are contributing to technologies from software to hardware. The seamless structure urges students to connect with reality and idea, from open source, mobile software to 3D technologies, you can see how its products have shaped the world.

How to apply sponsorship?

With 42 sponsoring groups worldwide, more than 978 sponsored students, they come from middle school to university and across aviation, racing, machinery, civil engineering, microcomputer, and other fields.
JLCPCB still consistent and adhere to the role of creative protector. They provide the best PCBs and electronic project resources for school children.
Moreover students who need PCB are welcomed to apply all year. In order to balance the region's development, there is the quota for each country, so that each-corner students get the credit. Any inquiry please contact rebecca@jlcpcb.com.